Vereinigte Metall Industrie AG | We give life to iron and steel!

About Us

VMI | Vereinigte Metall Industrie AG

VMI, one of the most reliable iron and steel trading company is serving its products to various sectors, such as construction, energy, consumer durables, automotive, agriculture and industrial applications with more than 50 years experience and exporting metal products to over 60 countries in 6 continents.

Through our Switzerland Office, we prove our vision to have a close cooperation with our partners.

As VMI, we are creating a value for our customers by offering customer satisfaction and the right quality service to grow in international markets.

Our Values;

Reliable: Our business partners can rely on us to have a great collaboration.

Flexible: We try to understand customer requirements and support them as much as we can do the best.

Innovative: Thanks to our wide horizon, we always try to become a solution partner to our customers.